Friday, September 29, 2006

Damn, just couldn't think of a suitable name for a blog. I thought of some fantastic ones but felt the bizarre need to 'save them for later...' Why, I have no idea... in case I was planning to swim the english channel or market a line of ethical dips, I might need those names.Seemed like such an immense task. Then again, right now washing the dishes seems either immense or ridiculous. Funny how sometimes tedious things seem comforting, sometimes they're just insulting. For example, if you opened your back door in January to find your cherry tree in bloom, or spied a two hundred pound house cat on your back porch, soaking pots would never cross your mind. AS it is, we have the unnerving habits of constant tidying and organizing, hoping it will let loose some torrent of miraculous energy, that it will be the lit fuse of some unstoppable momentum. My god, it's possible, but it doesn't make me anymore willing to worry too much about my grout. Especially with only, hmmm.. say 148 free minutes in the day that I need to plan treehouses, engineer kites, learn to play the concertina, write letters I will likely never send.